As the weather gets colder, children and staff at Treetops have been enjoying a whole new range of different foods as we are pleased to welcome Zak our new cook who previously worked at Dean Close School.

We are committed to ensuring that the food we provide supports the development of health eating practices.  We understand that early food experiences have an important effect on adult eating patterns and may influence attitudes to eating.  Our meal times are enjoyable social occasions which provide an opportunity to encourage the children’s communication skills and language development.  Mealtimes also stimulate the children’s natural curiosity to explore new tastes and textures.

Zak has come up with some new ideas to tantalise the taste buds and we have launched our new menu.  The children have been enjoying macaroni and butternut squash with a vegetable crumb, cod in a herby tomato sauce with seasonal vegetables, 3 different types of soups and a particular favourite with the children our weekly roast dinner.

Our preschool children have been very keen to try spinach after learning that it is a superfood and can help to make them stronger and boost muscle power!

As always we welcome suggestions from parents about any particular food that we would like us to offer or suggest recipes for us to try out.  Individual dietary requirements required for medical or cultural reasons will be respected and where possible catered for.

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