Here at Treetops Day Nursery it is very important for us to stay in touch with the children who are not currently attending nursery due to the Coronavirus restrictions.

Every day, home learning packs are being sent to parents of each department; babies, toddlers and preschool with ideas for activities for them to do at home with their parents.  Parents have been sharing with us via our Famly app photos and videos of their children enjoying these activities.  We are then able to link these up to the Early Years Foundation Stage areas of learning as we all know that home learning is a vital part of a child’s development.

Comments from parents include:
“Thank you so much for sending us the video of the rhymes, my child is clapping and joining in and was so excited to see you.”
“What a wonderful idea.  This cheered us all up and is a great way to keep my child learning.”
“What a great morale booster.  My child loved it and we will play the story to him often over the coming week to keep normality.”

This week we have introduced Zoom video conferencing so our families can stay in touch with us and each other.  Each department will weekly host this special time for us all get together and stay connected.  We will all join in with special rhymes or sometimes just send each other messages and wave to each other.

Our baby department rainbow picture