This week our preschool children have been learning all about the human body, following their recent interests and questions.

The children particularly enjoyed our lung experiment where the children could see how our lungs work.  Each child had their own individual ‘lung’ made from sandwich bags and straws.  The children were very keen to try this out and blow into the straws to see what happened.  As the bags began to fill with air, staff asked, “What is happening to the lungs?”  Answers included, “They are big.”  “They are filling up.” “The air is making them big.”  The children then noticed that when they breath out that the lungs go smaller.


The children have also been talking about their senses and one experiment that they particularly enjoyed was exploring the sense of taste.  The children took it in turns to taste a lemon and tell us what they tasted like.  Surprisingly a lot of the children really enjoyed them.  “It’s fizzy!” said one child.

Other activities they took part in, included a scissor control activity where the children cut out some printed body parts and then reassembled them onto a body in the correct place.    The children also drew some self portraits, looking into a mirror and talking about their similarities and differences.

The week ended with skeleton pictures and making a skeleton picture out of pasta shapes.

Our story focus was of course ‘Funnybones’ by Janet and Allan Ahlberg.