Our Fees

Tree Tops Cheltenham is open from 8.00am to 6.00pm from Monday to Friday (except bank holidays).


Early start (if available) 7.30am-8am £5.00
Morning session 8am-1pm £32.00
Afternoon session 1pm-6pm £31.00
Full day 8am-6pm £57.00

This rate includes meals as defined by the session attended. In the morning session (8am – 1pm) children have breakfast, a snack and lunch, which is always a hot, cooked meal.

In the afternoon session (1pm – 6pm) children will have a snack and afternoon tea.

Milk and water is offered throughout the day.

All fees should be paid one month in advance by Direct Debit.

We accept all child care vouchers to assist in paying fees.

Late Collection Fee: £10 for the 1st 15 minutes – £15 for every 15 minutes thereafter.

Registration Fee £80.00

Early Years Funding

Your child may be eligible for early years funding (30 hours per week/38 weeks a year) in the term following their third birthday.

Food Charge for Funded Only Sessions:

  • £8.50 for a full day
  • £5.25 AM half day
  • £3.25 PM half day

Sessions booked above funded entitlement will be charged at normal rates.

Sibling Discount

When a second child from the same family joins the nursery, we will offer a 10% discount off of one child whilst both children are attending at the same time. This 10% will be deducted off of the eldest child only and applies to the basic childcare session fee only, net of any Funding.  No discount is therefore applied to Funded Food or any other extra-curricular clubs.

Annual Rise

There is usually an annual rise in fees payable. Parents will receive at least one month’s notice of any increase.